That dog treat question needs some background

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Chef Pharrell Worthylake. I am the owner of Artful Chefs, Personal Chef Services in San Diego. And pictured below is my Quality Manager, King, my one year old rescue pup. Also, since this is my first post, I want to let you know why I am excited to be launching Chef’s Dog Treats. It’s because, all of King’s BFB’s (Best Furry Buddy) in San Diego can’t wait to get some of his dog treats. And now, I decided to make them available online. In fact, I can’t wait for your dog try them. If you read more, you will see what makes Chef’s Dog Treats so special.

Dog treats approved by King

Commercially made dog treats should be good for your dog, right?

Clearly you can agree there is a void in high quality dog treats. In fact, if you read labels when shopping at stores and online you will see this demonstrated all over the industry. Because large manufacturers need to mass produce to make a enough profits, they sacrifice quality nutrition to keep costs down. Without a doubt, my research shows the most harmful ingredient commonly added to dog treats is sugar in some form. Your pet will get addicted to sugar, just like we do. Companies count on your pet begging for more and even refusing treats without sugar.

Additionally rendered meats, (should be outlawed) and fillers like chickpeas and lentils are common in mass produced treats. Obviously, empty calories are as bad for dogs as they are for humans. Reading pet treat labels, and looking at articles on pet health convinced me to be more aggressive in taking charge of King’s treats and food. And because you are reading this, I bet you are concerned too.

Pets love Chef's Dog Treats

Chef formulated recipes

As a result of my research and after discussing pet nutrition with our vet, I decided to formulate recipes using my chef training to keep our new pup, King healthy. I handcraft these natural pet treats in the Artful Chefs San Diego kitchen. As a chef, I know from years of experience to choose ingredients from the USA only. Absolutely ensuring the highest quality ingredients are used and being made locally, are two reasons why Chef’s treats are the right choice. Also, baking in small batches with low heat gives them that homemade taste your dog will love. And my dog treats are made to be easily digestible which facilitates maximum absorption of nutrients. Finally, lowering the temperature ensures they retain as much ingredient nutrition as possible.

Low Fat/ High Fiber/ Highest Quality Nutrition

In case you are wondering, King is a trim 48 pounds, my vet and I are keeping a close eye on my Lab’s health. It should be noted that it is important not to over-feed your dogs. The American Kennel Association notes that Obesity leads to canine health problems, such as joint disease, diabetes, and pancreatitis. Therefore, please do not treat in excess of 10 percent of your pets total caloric intact. With this in mind, I wrote my recipes with low fat, high fiber, high protein and high nutrition at the forefront.

Chef pledges to use only high quality ingredients

Admittedly, Chef’s Dog Treats are at the higher end in price. It costs more to slowly bake in easily digestible, quality ingredients. This is the only way to ensure your dog is getting the best. With proper nutrition your pet will have a greater chance of being their healthiest and happiest.

In fact, I promise to always use the same high quality ingredients which I search out for my personal chef clients. As a result, you’ll feel secure about giving them to your furry family.

Here’s a great example, King’s favorite treat is the SAVORY STEW DOG TREATS.

I love these because I can leave them whole or break them in half for treating. King loves them because of the crunch that I bake into each beefy oat treat. Likewise, giving them crunchy treats are important to help fight plaque build up! The following picture is of the ingredients used to make this beefy recipe.



Rolled oats, Sweet potatoes, Beef broth, Beef, Carrots, Peas, Natural preservatives: Citric acid, Rosemary extract, Mixed tocopherol complex (Vitamin E)


Moisture (MIN) 13% | Fat (MIN) 4.40% | Fiber (MAX) 3% | Moisture (MAX)  7%


536 kcal/ bag | 9 kcal per treat

Dog training treats/ Puppy treat rewards

Undoubtedly, you have asked, “How can I motivate my dog, keep them healthy and interested in training?” By giving them Chef’s Dog Treats, your dog will be excited to participate in training and being a good dog. If your dog is like King, and loves to show what a good boy he is, you will appreciate this story about my buddy’s newest trick.

King’s newest behavior which demonstrates his desire to please happened recently. One day while carrying groceries from the car into the house, I accidentally left the patio gate open. As I was walking from the car with hands full of bags, I spotted him, sitting just inside the gate, wagging so wildly, his butt was scooting around. Clearly he was proud and smiling BIG! He knew he was being a good boy.

Obviously, I needed to stop everything and mark this excellent behavior. I quickly set the groceries down, in order to immediately reward. Next, I reached for King’s favorite flavor of goodies, the beef stew recipe. In fact, following a few crunches, and a grateful smile, King ran to the patio gate and wanted to do it again! As a result, King regularly waits at the gate, the front door and below the stairs looking to be invited up. He clearly does this in hopes to of getting an reward.

Perfectly sized for on the go

Hale loves Chef's Dog Treats

In addition to great taste, Chef’s treats are conveniently sized for you and your pet to enjoy. Likewise, you will find them easy to bring along on your walks. Chef’s treats will be perfect for you to just pop in your pockets for when you catch them being awesome.

For a limited time, get $1.00 off on each 6 oz. bag purchaed!