What makes CHEF’s different?


Chef’s Dog Treats are made from REAL food. Our dog treats are Chef crafted with 100% fresh produce and high quality proteins. All of our ingredients are grown and baked in the USA, never shipped from overseas. These treats are crafted with no added sugars, wheat, soy, or corn. Some dog treat companies have  eliminated all grain from their treats, we didn’t. Chef’s Dog Treats uses oat grain, a vital ingredient in providing the highest nutritional benefit for your dog.

Chef’s Dog Treats are unique because they are specially prepared by a chef who understands that consistency in ingredients and method are the two most important factors in creating a successful product.

What Does Chef’s Dog Treats believe in?

Chef believes in prioritizing your pet’s health by using superior ingredients and taking her time when baking. It costs more to make treats this way. We think it’s important to put your dogs health first. Although we are not 100% organic, we pledge to always use high quality ingredients only from the USA. It is more expensive.  However, we believe your pet’s health is more important than offering a less expensive product.  We give owners the perfect opportunity to ditch low quality treats that may cause diarrhea, stomach issues and obesity.

Chef’s Dog Treats values each client’s experience. If you or your pooch are not totally satisfied, please let Chef know so she can make it right.  

Why Buy?

Being a pet lover, like you, Chef Pharrell wants the best for our furry companions. Put your mind at rest when buying our treats. We give you 100% transparency in the ingredients we use and we conveniently ship to your door. When buying our products, you can rest assured that our treats are made from REAL food which you would use on your table at home. No synthetic additives or missing nutrients. As an added bonus, Chef bakes then dehydrates the treats until they are hard which makes them excellent for your cleaning your dog’s teeth. Because the treat is crunchy and not soft, they promote excellent dental hygiene, as well as being a tasty reward!

Our treats are tested by US labs ensuring your dog will be safe. They are 100% USA grown and 100% tasty!

How It All Started

Chef’s Dog Treats is a small, woman-owned company. Executive Chef, Pharrell Worthylake, has over 20 years of culinary experience and is the proud owner of Chef’s Dog Treats and Artful Chefs. Her chef services business is well known throughout the Southern California region with roots in San Diego. Through her love for both culinary art and dogs, she aspired to produce high quality treats that all dogs will enjoy. Her eagerness to do so was inspired by the passing of her family dog and newfound love for a rescued pup.

Chef’s Story

In 2019, Noel, our family’s dog for 13 years died of complications due to pancreatitis. Our hearts were broken, but we felt led to find a new puppy. At a local shelter, we found King, a labrador-mix, and immediately wanted to give him a forever home.

Instantly, King’s antics and exuberance made us love him unconditionally. I was horrified to discover that everything I fed King gave him severe diarrhea and I began to panic! I had just lost Noel and I couldn’t imagine losing another dog. We worked closely with our veterinarian and learned that diet would be a key factor in his recovery. Therefore, I was determined to educate myself about the nutritional needs of dogs.

I discovered after reading labels and doing research, that many brands of dog treats were using low quality ingredients. I was angry, sad and frustrated that I was not aware of this information for Noel. Sadly, I bought into the marketing “Grain Free” diets and “Made in the USA” or “Organic” on the product labels and read no further.  I found companies were using “globally sourced”  ingredients to keep their cost down. I did more research on chicken meal and beef meal and what kinds of things they use to make this ingredient. (I was horrified). 

Obviously, as a chef, my skills could be put to good use finding a solution. I spent weeks formulating, testing and rewriting recipes that  provide dogs the nutrition, satisfaction and crunchy taste they crave. So that’s when I started baking woof-a-licious dog treats. 

Thankfully, King no longer suffers from chronic diarrhea. I rely on my veterinarian, exercise and high quality nutrition to keep King healthy.  My King loves these treats and I think your dog will too!